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Family Resources: Podcasts

Looking for some podcast recommendations on how to help your kids through COVID-19?

Don’t worry, we have some for you! Podcasts can be a great resource to parents looking for parenting advice with an adoption and trauma lens. We’ve tracked down 2 great options that have some new episodes specifically providing tips on how to help your children with anxiety related to the Coronavirus and some help on how to keep them busy!

Creating a Family has some great resources for foster and adoptive families, including a great blog, articles, and their podcast. Click this link here to listen to their podcast episode about “Keeping your Crew Occupied During the COVID-19 Shutdown,” and this link here for the “Helping Our kids Cope with Anxiety About COVID-19” episode.

The Adoption Connection recently shared an episode titled “Tips for Staying Calm and Connected During a Pandemic”. Check them out for tips on how to stay calm and help your kids manage themselves.:


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