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Waiting Child Photolisting: “Mae” Needs a Family

Mae” is a sweet little girl who is described as talkative and happy.  She currently lives with a foster family through a program at her orphanage.

She attends rehabilitation and goes to an educational class each day, Monday through Saturday. Staff at the orphanage say she is beautiful and describe her as a well-mannered little girl. She has good self-care for her age. She can both put on and take off her clothes and can feed herself.

She is active and positive at school, very interested in new things and gets along well with her other classmates. Her teacher and classmates like her. She likes listening to music and children’s songs. Singing and dancing are her specialties when there is music playing.

Mae” has good physical and mental development as well as good gross and fine motor skills. Her development appears to be on the same level as others her age. She can point to the different parts of her body and can use language to express her needs and communicate with others. She enjoys playing with toys and blocks are one of her favorite activities.

Mae” has binocular congenital glaucoma and had surgery in Beijing in February 2018. She will bring objects closer to her face to see them and can reach for objects that she sees. She does not have any other known medical needs.

We have had teams visit her orphanage and we can connect a family who reviews her file, with individuals who can share more about the foster care program and dynamics of her orphanage. We also have a large number of photos and videos to share with the family who reviews her file.

Mae” is an agency file.  Her file has been designated by the CCCWA as a Special Focus file.

You can also read this recent blog post from one of our America World families and staff members, and their journey with their daughter with vision impairments.

If you are interested in adding “Mae” to your family the next step is to contact a family coordinator.  Please call 800-429-3369 or contact our China team to learn more.

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