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Hurricane Ida

Families affected by Hurricane Ida: We are lifting you up

To all those affected by Hurricane Ida and the aftermath plaguing the multiple states including LA, MS, AL, NJ, NY, PA, MA, KY, OH, MD, DC, SC, VA, AND GA… America World would like to extend our sincerest sympathy and our continuous prayers. If you, or another family who is part of the America World community, have been affected, please let us know how we can specifically be lifting you up in prayer. Our staff would be honored to be able to encourage you and pray for you during this time.

In the midst of these natural disasters, we wanted to remind all families to be mindful about how you are storing important adoption-related paperwork and ensuring that your child’s adoption is fully recognized in the domestic courts. It is extremely important that each family goes through the process of obtaining a U.S. birth certificate and certificate of citizenship  for your child.

We recommend that you store any original documents related to your child’s adoption finalization in a safe place such as a fire- & water-proof container or a safety deposit box.

America World will have copies of your adoption paperwork, so if you lost any of these documents and need a copy, please reach out to Or if you need guidance on how to acquire the U.S. birth certificate, we would be happy to help you.

 For families who find themselves guiding children through trauma-related reactions to hurricane Ida or other natural disasters please check out this resource as a starting point and don’t hesitate to reach out to post adoption for more assistance if needed. 

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