Faith to Action Initiative
March 18, 2014

A website called Faith to Action Initiative has just launched, whose goal is to provide the Christian faith community with valuable resources, inspiring stories, and practical tools to inform and support ministries in response to the needs of orphans and vulnerable children. 

  • “The Importance of Family,” a new Infographic providing an introduction to some of the key issues impacting orphans and vulnerable children.
  • Resources, including free and downloadable study guides and additional publications and online resources that inform and support best practice. 
  • News & Updates about current articles, publications and resources, and announcements of upcoming faith-based OVC (orphan and vulnerable children) focused conference and event opportunities.
  • Stories that highlight how churches, faith-based organizations, and individuals have thoughtfully and effectively supported the work of indigenous churches, ministries, and community initiatives serving children and families in Africa and beyond.  
  • Videos to use for raising awareness, teaching, and advocacy.
  • Weekly Blogs from Faith to Action Initiative members, our partners, church leadership and other individuals who represent a range of ministries dedicated to promoting and supporting family care for orphans and vulnerable children.
  • Coming soon: A summary of evidence-based research on the limitations of orphanages, and the importance of family                

Check this new resource out on your computer, tablet, or mobile device!

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