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Extended Family Members: We Want to Hear from You!

Recently, a sweet grandmother emailed the office to request our “Spirit of Adoption†booklet of essays to help her become familiar and comfortable with the prospect of her new soon-to-be adopted grandsons.  Her openness in admitting that she was unsure how to approach this coming change to her family was touching.  Many of the families in the stories we post share that love and bonding comes instantly, but the apprehension is a valid emotion in the time leading up to bringing a child home.

Because adoption affects all members of a family, we would love to hear from grandparents, siblings, aunts, uncles, or other members (even family friends) that have a unique perspective on adoption and want to bring encouragement to others in the same position.  Do you have a brief story, anectdote, or bit of advice to share?  Please email  (feel free to include a picture*) and we will share these extended family stories periodically.  Families, please share this post with those who may not be regular blog readers.  We thank you for your participation as we strive to create an adoption community that is an encouragement to all! 

*If you choose to include a picture, please fill out and return this photo release form by either faxing it to (703) 356-8973 or scanning it to the above email address. Thank you!


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