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Experience in El Salvador

 Dear  Families:
I hope this letter finds you well, I have a special guest with me who wants to share her experience in El Salvador, her name is LISA JONES:

“You were worried about that?  Don’t worry about that.† I’ve been in El Salvador since Monday night and Alexis has said that to me about a million times I think.  I need to hear it.  I so want to do whatever I can to be in control of this process, and am realizing that part of adopting a little girl from another side of the world means trying to understand and embrace the culture in which she was born.  Of course I want to get souvenirs as reminders of this amazing trip to El Salvador, but if I could learn to let go of even a little bit of my need to control things and have more faith, that would be the best souvenir of all.  I have had the opportunity to drive around with Alexis as he is working both on my adoption and other dossiers as well, and I realized that every day of his life is about building dossiers.  I hated that part of the process!  I think I would go crazy if I were him.  One day we went back to the  family court three times to get a letter, each time paying for parking:  the first time, the specific person assigned to the case hadn’t come in yet and she was the only one who could work on it, the second time, it wasn’t ready, and the third time we waited 1 ½ hours because we couldn’t leave without it, and we got the 4 line letter just before the courts closed for the day.  Unbelievable.  It would have taken me five minutes to do the same thing! 

One thing that has become abundantly clear is that everyone I’ve met is very concerned about the well-being of the children, and they want to be careful with the lives in their care.  Court on Wednesday was amazing, and even the judge seemed very involved; our case wasn’t just a file that he had thumbed through but he knew it well.  He even knew that Wednesday was my birthday and wished me “feliz cumpleañosâ€!  Yesterday I hung out with Ruth at the orphanage and got to attend their celebration of the feast of Corpus Christi.  Today I am continuing to learn what it is like to have a little 9 year-old girl.   I really wish I had worked more on my Spanish!  Things are good.  We have the process now with the U.S. Embassy before us still, and I still need to be reminded not to worry.  Here is a picture; hope you enjoy!

Lisa_jones1 Lisa_jones2

So be all Blessed  by our good GOD….


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