“Spirit of Adoption” Seminars
Seminars will be conducted on Saturday, February 23rd in Phoenix, AR, Metairie, LA and Amarillo, TX. Next Friday, there will be a seminar conducted in San Antonio, TX with Saturday (March 1st) seminars held in Camarillo, CA, Menifee, CA and Austin, TX. Nearly 50 seminars are planned in 26 states this spring! We would like your help in getting the word out about these informational seminars. Talk to your church about promoting seminars near you via projected announcements, bulletin text and flyers. Also, be sure to invite those who may be interesting in adoption or wanting hear more about what God’s Word says about adoption! If you can distribute seminar promotion materials, please email You can get seminar details or register for a seminar near you at America World’s Events page or by calling 888-ONE-CHILD.

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