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Evans Family Adoption Story

We adopted Matthew in December of 2008 at 16 months.   He has brought so much joy into our once too quiet home!  We were so happy to have him in our family that we knew we had to adopt again as soon as possible.  We were able to pick up our second son, Luke in July of this year.  Luke is now 16 months old and is another perfect fit into our family. 

Evans 1

Matthew was so excited about getting a “di diâ€.  But, he was also very tired from the long trip.  We were on the bus going to meet our new son when Matthew fell asleep 5 minutes before meeting his di di.  He slept right through the process of getting his little brother, from 3:30 in the afternoon until the next morning!  The first thing he said when he awoke as, “where’s di di?† He was so anxious for his little brother to wake up and play with him.

Matthew has had his cleft palate repaired at the University of Chicago Hospital.  They have a wonderful team there that took good care of him.  He was home the next day.  Luke has his appointment coming up to get him scheduled for surgery to have his cleft repaired.  Both boys are doing well and will receive excellent care at this hospital.

Evans 2 

We enjoy Chinese culture.  I will put on a cd that teaches Cantonese.  Matthew will repeat the words he is beginning to recognize.  Luke’s face will light up as if he hears something familiar to him.   Matthew loves to go to a Chinese restaurant frequently.  We all have Chinese clothes to wear.  On special day we will wear these clothes.  We celebrate the Chinese New Year, Gotcha Day, and Children’s Day.  We take Children’s day off each year and pick out something special to do as a family. 

Luke & Matthew mean so much to us.  My wife and I often hold them when they can’t sleep at night and the tears flow as we think of how much they mean to us.  We plan to adopt again from China just as soon as possible.


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