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Ethiopian New Year

Ethiopian New Year
(Enkutatash) was September 11, and the Ethiopia transition home
celebrated the new year with the children. The custom is for the children to
wear new clothes and the girls get their hair done. The cook also prepares
traditional foods. Then the children sing songs for the staff and nannies about
how the rainy days are gone and the sunny days have come.

EthiopiannewyearTraditionally in Ethiopia,
young girls sing at the doorsteps of homes in their community and in
appreciation the house owners offer a little token. This ritual is also
imitated, as the girls sing throughout the transition home for staff and
nannies, and collect tokens. Ethiopia staff then buy treats to be shared among
all the children.

The children have lots of fun and really enjoy this
special day of celebration. Picture blurred to protect privacy. See this post for other examples of traditional Ethiopian clothing. 

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