Ethiopia Waiting Child Spotlight – Two Boys Need Families


Titus is a physically healthy 12 year old boy, he loves to run, play soccer, do anything active and play with his friends. Titus is small for his age, physically he looks younger than 12.

Our staff notes that Titus has a great personality – he has a very positive outlook and demeanor. They said, “Titus comes up to me every day with a huge smile wanting a hug. Of all of the children, I definitely describe him as one of the most joyful. He plays with the other children very well and can hold his own. I don’t see him get angry often but see him cry when his feelings are hurt by other children or if he is left out. He’s definitely a true sweetheart with a huge smile.†Titus is said to be a calm and stable child, he is kind and a good listener!

Titus does show some developmental delays – there are many age appropriate items he can do but there are some that he cannot. He struggles with his speech, constructing sentences and expressing himself. It is recommended that he receive speech therapy but he does not have access to it in Ethiopia.

Please join us in praying for Titus! To learn more about Titus, and see videos and pictures, you can submit a free pre-application to gain access to our Waiting Children’s List. 


Will is a 13 year old boy and is HIV+. He loves to play soccer and really enjoys the gymnastic/circus program at the transition home.

When asked about Will, our staff in Ethiopia noted, “Will is a really kind boy and is always playing with the other kids. He comes up to us often asking when it is his turn to get a family. We tell him we are working on it and that God has perfect timing, but he has really been struggling with this recently.â€

“When he first came to the transition home, Will would get very frustrated, over time we have seen a lot good improvements in this area through counseling. He loves soccer, marbles, basketball, and taking pictures.â€

Will is ready to be adopted, please join us in praying that he would find his forever family soon! To learn more about Will, see videos and pictures you can submit a free pre-application to gain access to our Waiting Children’s List.


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