Ethiopia Ripple Project: Nannies’ Day Away

ET Ripple 3-22-16
We just received an update from Cindy Douglass one of our Ethiopia Ripple Project volunteers. The Ethiopia Ripple Project is a sponsorship program that helps fund the nanny salaries at America World's Transition Home in Ethiopia. Cindy is currently heading up a trip in Ethiopia focused on blessing the nannies with a much needed day away full of fun, rest and fellowship.  Read Cindy’s report on her first day with the nannies below:

“Our first day of enrichment was just amazing. They had such a wonderful day of rest and relaxation. I had a moment where all around me I could hear laughter and it filled my heart to the brim. The teff we provided was such a blessing to them and they were just so touched by it. The letters and pictures we were able to provide to our sponsored ones was a moment I will never forget. You could feel the encouragement they felt and their responses to it all was just so special. We also made sure to have cards handwritten for all the additional staff that are not sponsored at this time from our friends so that everyone walked away filling included and special, just as they are.”


Ethiopia Ripple Project



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