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Ethiopia Program

Ethiopia Waiting Children Program

The Ethiopia Waiting Children Program at America World is still in progress of being implemented. This is a program that focuses on getting children that are older or have special needs into Christian homes. Until the program is fully developed please contact for information on the waiting children that we currently have.

We praise God as 6 out of the 8 current waiting children have been referred or are in the process of being referred to interested families before they ever make it to the website.  We will be sending information on the remaining 2 children to families in the following order:

1. Waiting families
2. Paper chasing families

In the event that AWAA clients are not interested in the referrals, information on the children will be made available on the blog to give other families an opportunity. Information on waiting children will be communicated via this means until the website is ready.  As further developments occur in this program, we will be sure to keep everyone updated and will create a specific category for these posts under the category of “Ethiopia Waiting Children.”


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