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Ethiopia Annual Reports Due

It’s that time of year again! Ethiopia Annual Report collection is in full swing. A huge thank you to the many families who have already submitted their reports – we have already received 376 updates from our post-adoption families! The Post Adoption Team at America World appreciates the opportunity to hear from your family and receive all the many updates. If you haven’t submitted your report yet- there is still time!

While adoptions from Ethiopia have been discontinued at this time, the child welfare and adoption authorities involved in the care and placement of Ethiopian children overseas remain very interested and concerned about the success of each adoption. We encourage you to honor your commitment to reporting back to your child’s country of origin by submitting your Annual Report to Ethiopia. Sharing your stories is the vehicle for highlighting how positive international adoption can be for children, and could serve in opening the door for future children who are in need of forever homes.

If you haven’t received the reminder email, please contact us at for the template and instructions, or with any questions that you may have. Keeping your contact info up to date is critical for receiving these reminders!

If you are struggling in any way, and would like to be connected with America World’s clinically trained coaching staff, please contact:

If you are interested in learning more about the continued work in Ethiopia click here to learn more about the Bete Hosanna home.


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