Ethiopia Adoption Ban: “What Can I Do?”

Ethiopia Bans Foreign Adoptions


This week, the Ethiopian government made the decision to no longer allow its orphans to be adopted internationally, which leaves us as adoption and orphan advocates to ask, “So What Can I Do?”.  

America World had the opportunity to meet with Ethiopian officials a month or so ago, along with America World Ethiopian families and their children. We will continue to advocate on behalf of the orphans in Ethiopia, but we do know that God is greater than any government or person and can break down any barriers to finding families for these precious children.

You can help! Please consider joining us in these five critical areas that can still make an eternal difference in the lives of orphans:

PRAY – pray that God would intervene in situations where governments (including our own) make it difficult to adopt internationally.
ADOPT – there are hundreds of thousands of true orphans (children who have lost both parents) who need families. Does your family need a child to be complete? Adoption may be God’s plan for you and your family or share with someone who may consider adoption.
ADVOCATE – you can join our One Orphan team whose sole purpose is to care for orphans. They are connected with governments who are allowing them to step in and provide. They need your help and there are many ways you can make an impact.
TAKE A MISSION TRIP – by going on a mission trip, you can provide hope to an orphan or vulnerable child. Additionally, you can return home and advocate for the needs of the children you met to your church, your friends, and your family. Together, lives can be changed.
GIVEdonate to our orphan initiatives through One Orphan. Over the years we have recognized specific needs in many of the countries we serve that provide for orphans who wait, and we need you to continue this effort.

What can you do?

A lot!

It may not seem like much, but together, God can use us as His army to care for orphans and make an eternal difference.

Will you?


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