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Erica Has a Family!

Please join us in rejoicing that a child from the China Waiting Child program that was referred to our agency several months ago has been placed in a forever family! Erica is a sweet six year old girl with Cerebral Palsy that many were praying and advocating for. We had a family come forward for her and knew that this is the child God has for them. It is an honor to be involved in God’s work of preparing ways for children to be placed in loving families. We are so excited to see Erica be so close to coming home!

Photo 4_Shan An Er

Early on in our marriage my husband and I had considered and prayed about adopting. As a young couple, I was told I would “have difficulty or possibly never bear a child” due to health complications. Well, 9 years ago we gave birth to a healthy redheaded miracle named Zeke. Then, a few years later when we felt it was time to add to our family again, we quickly knew God had in mind for us to adopt a little girl from China. After both of us turned 30 years old we began the application process.

During the “paper chase” we received an email from our family coordinator about some children on the Waiting Child list. To be honest, I never really wanted to look at a list, but something about this email stuck out at me. That night, together, we did look at the list online. This beautiful little girl with a pink jumpsuit on captured our hearts. There was also a link to a blog from an American missionary who was advocating for this precious girl who has cerebral palsy. We read the blog and looked at more pictures and videos. PRECIOUS! Immediately, fear crept in. No way, we are too early in the process to even consider a referral yet. I mean, we don't even have our home study completed yet. Can I just say, you just KNOW when you KNOW! We couldn't sleep without thinking of and praying for her. Every time we pictured a family of four, SHE was in it! Through prayer and wise counsel, we KNEW Erica is our daughter! Our Dossier is now in China and while we wait for all the legalities to fall in place we are so thankful that God has shown us so clearly His will for our family and we are honored to follow it!

Erica's momma!

Photo 2_Shan An Er

Just like Erica, there are many other children currently available that are longing for a forever home. We encourage you to go to our website and view information on some of the many children who are currently waiting and available for adoption. You can view waiting children in all of our programs by clicking HERE. Could one of these waiting children be your son or daughter?

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