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Encouragement and Prayers

America World staff is committed to praying together each morning for our families and the countries and children whom we serve. Families who have specific prayer requests are always invited to contact their Family Coordinator. Today our staff read from Hebrews chapter 11 with a particular focus on:

“Faith means being sure of the things we hope for and knowing that something is real even if we do not see it. “ Hebrews 11:1

This verse is a good reminder for our staff as we go through our daily work. We are reminded that God is always working, even when we can’t see this evidence in some of our programs where we are waiting on various updates and news. As a Christian agency, it is our privilege and responsibility to have faith in the things we cannot see and trust in God to be faithful and to share this faith and compassion with our clients.  There are many adoption programs that are taking several years to complete from application until bringing a child home, and we know how difficult it is for families to go through long periods of time with no new information. We hope the words of one waiting adoptive family can encourage other families today:

“I know that even if it seems so quiet, God is working behind the scenes and will make His will known. We are choosing to believe that since He has led us this far, that He will continue to guide us to the child/ren He wants us to bring into our family. We have faith that what He has promised will come to pass even when it looks like nothing is happening….†AWAA Adoptive Family

For additional support and encouragement at any time, adoptive families can contact our references and associates. These families have walked through the many challenges and blessings of their own adoption journey and are willing and able to help other families through their process. Any family who would like to share a word of encouragement or adoption testimony can email us and we would be happy to post your story on our blog. 


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