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July 1, 2013

empowered to connect conference
We want to invite you to the Empowered to Connect Conference, September 13 – 14, 2013 at Houston’s First Baptist Church. This is a two-day conference equipping you as parents to bring hope and healing to adopted and foster children.

What you will receive by attending the conference:

  • You will better understand your child that has had trauma, neglect, abuse or abandonment in their life.
  • In-depth insight into research based strategies and biblical principles that have helped countless parents better understand connecting with their children.
  • Principles and practical strategies that you will be able to use immediately.
  • You will learn about how to provide healing for your child and for you as a parent.
  • Training hours for foster parents and prospective adoptive parents.
  • 10.5 CEC (Continuing Education Credit) for social work professionals.
  • The most affordable conference this year. See below.

Adoption and fostering can be a tremendous blessing for us as parents, yet we also know that there are challenging times that we deal with and we know how difficult and even painful it can be. Parenting has its challenges, it takes time, commitment and sacrifice to parent our children and especially our children that come to us through adoption or foster care. Yet we also know that there is tremendous hope and healing when we are equipped and educated to care for our children and to parent them in a way that brings deeper connections in our relationships.

That is why we are excited to bring you the Empowered to Connect Conference this year. Two days filled with tremendous resources for you as a parent that will absolutely change your life and your relationships in your home. There is not a better conference that will offer you and your spouse the tools needed to bring healing into relationships and provide a biblical view of parenting that honors God.

Dr. Karyn Purvis will be the main presenter for both days. Along with Karyn will be Michael & Amy Monroe and Dan and Teri Coley.

Dr. Purvis is the director of the TCU Institute of Child Development. She has devoted the past decade to developing research-based interventions for adopted, foster and other at-risk children. Dr. Purvis and her colleague Dr. David Cross, co-authored The Connected Child: Bringing Hope and Healing to Your Adoptive Family. Dr. Purvis holds both a masters and doctorate degrees in Developmental Psychology from TCU and is a former foster parent, a mother of three boys and a grandmother of eight.

Michael & Amy are the proud parents of 4 children, each welcomed into their family through adoption. Together they lead Tapestry, the adoption and foster care ministry at Irving Bible Church. They have personally provided support and counsel to countless couples and singles in the adoption and foster care journey. They co-authored, along with Dr. Karyn Purvis, Created to Connect: A Christian’s Guide to The Connected Child.

Dan & Teri have 9 children that have come to them biologically and through adoption. Their family is multi-racial and includes children with special needs. They have served as foster parents for more than 40 infants and birth mothers in the Franklin, Tennessee area. It is their heart’s desire for every child to have a family, but through personal experience they have come to know the importance of understanding the challenges and needs of children from “hard places.”

You will have the privilege of hearing from each of these families and their journey of adoption and how important the Empowered to Connect principles and strategies have been to their families and countless others.

Take the time now to register for the conference and take advantage of the Early Bird Discount and the Promotional Code Discount that offers 50% off the Early Bird Price. That’s right, you will be able to attend this conference as a couple for $25 or as an individual for $17.50 by taking advantage of the discounts being offered now. The Early Bird Discount ends July 12 and for the first 500 that register you will receive the 50% Promotional Discount by entering the word “FOCUS” in the Promotional Code on the Registration page.

For more information go tohttp://showhope.org/be-hope/equipping-families/etc/


Date: September 13 – 14, 2013

Location: Houston’s First Baptist Church – 7401 Katy Freeway, Houston, Tx. 77024

Times: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm both days. 

Lunch: There will be a 1 ½ hour lunch break. Attendees are responsible for their lunch offsite.

Childcare: There is no childcare for the conference. 

Quotes –

…”absolutely necessary for parents, it should just be required education..”

…”totally worth carving out the time…getting the sitter at home, doing whatever you need to do to get here, to get the encouragement and training and education.  It will make a huge difference in your life at home…”

…”I was expecting adoption hype…and what I got were tools in my tool bag…it’s been exactly what we needed…”

We look forward to seeing each of you at the conference. 
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