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Emerson is waiting for his forever family!

Emerson is waiting for his forever family!

Meet Emerson, a sweet 8 ½ year old boy who needs a forever family to call his own. Emerson is noted to be a very smart little boy who is developing normally. He loves to play and knows the days of the week, loves to eat fruits and vegetables, can draw, has normal fine and gross motor skills for his age, and has normal self-care skills as well. He is talkative, although a little shy at times, and is a typical active little boy. He likes to play with paper and his nanny’s note that every toy is a treasure to him. His file notes surgery for a fractured left femoral shaft and that he occasionally has spasms in his left hand.. He has been diagnosed with mild hydrocephalus as well. He is currently in rehabilitation therapy. His diagnosis does not seem to affect his mental abilities or self-care ability, as he is able to do things with ease!

Emerson is a Special focus designated AWAA partnership orphanage referral and families at any stage of the process or considering adoption are welcome to inquire and review his file. Please contact our staff at or by phone at 800-429-3369 to learn more.

Please join us by being an advocate for Emerson and share this post with others you know. We would love to find his forever family!


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