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El Salvador Program Updates

Honduras adoptionCongratulations to the family returning home from El
Salvador with their child this week! We are excited that 3 more families will
travel in the coming weeks so they can complete their adoptions. The
Hague processes have allowed for the in-country stay to be 2-4 weeks instead of
the previous 4-8 week process that was occurring under the previous
I600/non-Hague process.

El Salvador remains a great program for families open to
adopting waiting
. This could be a child who is toddler age or older with medical
need or a healthy older child above the age of 7 years. On a case by case we
are also able to assist with relative adoptions. Please contact us if you have
questions on this program and please join us in prayer for the families and
children in this program.

We are also excited to begin recruiting team members for
our missions team to El Salvador
and Honduras
this summer. We would love to have you join this trip. Please
contact our office if you have questions on the ministries we will be serving
in these two countries. 


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