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El Salvador Program Update

America World’s CEO, Brian Luwis is in El Salvador this week and plans to meet with the acting Procurador.  We also have just learned that Geraldine, the Director of OPA has been reassigned and there is a new Director of OPA.  Brian will be meeting tomorrow, November 12th with both the Directors of OPA and ISNA. Please pray for these meetings as Brian begins to develop new relationships with these officials and speaks for our families waiting to adopt.

Also, an America World prospective adoptive parent, Jenni Ramsey is leading a Visiting Orphan team to El Salvador this weekend and writes:

“I am leading the team to El Salvador next week with Visiting Orphans! There are 5 of us on the team from California, Nebraska and Kentucky. We are all prospective, adoptive families waiting to adopt in El Salvador. We will be gone from Nov 14-21. Most of our time will be spent at the Ciudad de Los Ninos orphanage. We are bringing gifts, supplies and financial aid to help the orphanage. We just learned that the electricity and water were shut off at the orphanage last week (because they were unable to pay the bill). It just breaks my heart to think that the staff and orphans are living without electricity and water today.

We will also be meeting with some government officials on Monday, November 16 to advocate for the plight of the orphans, and for international
adoption. PLEASE PRAY FOR THESE MEETINGS. Pray for favor as we communicate our hearts, burdens and frustrations in ongoing delays with
referrals. We know that God watches over the fatherless, and these children are in His hands. Please join us as we pray for walls to be broken, and for the necessary resources and decisions to be made so that children can be matched with 'forever families' soon…“

Please also pray for the families/individuals affected by the flooding taking place in El Salvador.  You can read more about this at .   It looks like the whole country has been hard hit but especially areas around San Salvador and the province of San Vicente.  Many people have been forced into shelters and many are without water and electricity.  

Thank you for joining us in these prayer requests.

Susan B. Maines, LSW, LCSW
Executive Director of Programs


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