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El Salvador Program

**NOTE: There was not a post last week for El Salvador due to the Program Director being out of the country.

Dear families,
In light of the recent extension of the current wait time in El Salvador and the closing of applications February 8, 2008 to the program many are requesting further information. Here is a list of answer to some Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What does it mean that America World is not accepting any more applications:
-America World is currently not accepting new applications to begin working with the America World El Salvador program. This is no way hinders families that are currently in the program from proceeding with their process and submitting dossiers.
2. Is America World going to get referrals?
-While this is always a risk in international adoption America World has received one referral and feels confident that families will be matched with referrals.
3. Is the adoption process on hold in El Salvador? When will there be movement?
-No the process is not hold in-country but is moving slower than anticipated. Referrals are being given to other agencies as well as other countries as America World is not the only agency processing adoptions in El Salvador.
4. If a family does transfer to another program will they need to redo their dossier?
-It depends. If you have not yet submitted a dossier in El Salvador you may be able to use some of the documents for another dossier. If a dossier has already been submitted to El Salvador then it is most likely not going to be usable for another country. 5. Can a family stay in the El Salvador process and become pregnant or adopt from another country?
-Families in the El Salvador program are eligible to apply for America World’s Concurrent Family Building Plan. (*Please contact your family coordinator if you did not receive an emailing detailing this program and you are currently in the El Salvador program)


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