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El Salvador Program

Brian Luwis, our CEO, is planning an upcoming trip to El Salvador, however has delayed confirming a date for this trip as he attempts to arrange meetings with high level officials at USAID and with the El Salvador Ambassador in the hopes of influencing the El Salvador government officials to make changes in their adoption processing.  Brian is also working on setting up a meeting with officials at the El Salvadorian Embassy here in Washington, D.C.  We are hopeful that the close relationship between our governments could be influential in bringing about change.  Please pray that doors will be opened, that meetings will be arranged quickly and that all parties involved will be receptive.

Alexis continues to represent each family to OPA and labors tirelessly on your behalf.  OPA does tell him that right now the children they are seeing for placement with families are a little older, between 5-7 years in age.  While we know this will be discouraging news for many of you we know there are children of all ages in the orphanages and hope that the work of groups such as Identify For Children (ID4C) will enable children of all ages to find more permanency in their lives.  Please see our link to An Orphan’s Ticket Home for more information on Identify For Children and what they hope to accomplish in countries such as El Salvador.  America World is supporting this organization with our prayers and donations through An Orphan’s Ticket Home.


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