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El Salvador Program

I want to take a moment to share with you about what is going on with Brian’s trip to El Salvador and other things you can be praying for.  Today, at 4:00 pm EST, Brian has a meeting scheduled at the El Salvador Embassy in Washington, DC.  He plans to discuss issues pertaining to the adoption process in El Salvador, and specifically to find out if there is any way that outside organizations such as Identity for Children can participate in that process.

Brian’s El Salvador trip dates have been confirmed for May 5th through May 8th.  While in El Salvador, he plans to have meetings at the US Embassy and US Consulate.  He also plans to have a collaborative meeting with Salvadoran officials and US officials.  Brian is also going to OPA and brining with him a list of our families whose dossiers are at OPA and he is going to try to get answers about exactly where our families are in the adoption process.  Upon Brian’s return, we will be updating the blog and communicating with you on Brian’s trip. 

As an agency, we covet your prayers for the El Salvador program and for all of the orphans waiting for their families.


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