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El Salvador Newspaper Article Translation

Provided below is the translation for the recent article that I mentioned in my previous blog post:




As a result of the agreement recently signed by the Procuraduría General de la República (PGR) and the Association “Asociación Familia y Esperanzaâ€, three projects that intend the optimization of the attention given to children under measures of institutionalization in El Salvador, were presented.

The three proposals, two made by the Salvadoran Institute for Integral Development of Childhood and Adolescence (ISNA) and one by the PGR, were presented to the president of the “Asociación Familia y Esperanzaâ€, Carmen Elena de Balzaretti and to three possible benefactors of the projects: Jeanre Haas, Kerry Hansenbalg and Brian Lewis.

The three projects are: the fortification of diagnosis teams which solve the legal protection of children placed under protection measures; fortification of the offices for adoptions and the creation of a unique program for children with special needs.
De Balzaretti gave information regarding the possible U. S benefactors, who were in our country to help  achieving children’s well being, “because their moved by a calling from God to serve othersâ€, she said.
All participants, according to de Balzaretti want to let children have and effectively execute their first right: to grow up in a family unit. “At this moment, our country faces a very difficult situation and our kids suffer negligence from their biological family, their rights are violated; several children take part of the group under protection measuresâ€, she added.
During the presentation made in  PGR, in which the General Procurator, Marcos Gregorio Sánchez Trejo assisted, it was concluded that it was urgent to make a national census of children under institutional supervision and those who weren’t , due to the fact that it is important to have numbers about the reality lived in El Salvador.
“We have to be brave and know how many children are under protection measures besides of accepting the responsibility of Salvadoran society, because this is not an issue exclusively of the governmentâ€. Declared de Balzaretti.
Sánchez Trejo said “a census is important because it will allow to us to be aware of the legal and psycological situation of each child. “In the future, it will be helpful in the creation of an adoption policy or an analysis system that allows studying the possibilities of a childâ€.
In El Salvador, there are many foreign families waiting for an adoption, but information related to institutionalized children is very rare

— Brian Luwis, CEO


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