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Domestic Adoption Opens in Iowa

July 15th marks the opening of a new Domestic
Adoption Program at America World Adoption – IA.  I can’t begin to tell you the enthusiasm I
have for opening this domestic program in Iowa. 
We are thrilled to serve the women of Iowa by providing for them safe,
confidential adoption counseling when coping with an unexpected pregnancy.  AWAA-IA will provide adoption counseling to
women throughout Iowa who are considering placing their children for
adoption.  Birthmother’s will be matched
with waiting adoptive families, AWAA-IA will come along side these
birthmother’s throughout their pregnancy and assist them in selecting families,
meeting families if they desire, their hospital and birth experience, and the
legal work necessary for the placement of their child in an adoptive home.

We continue to work on the behalf of birthmothers and their
children after the placement through referrals for counseling, assistance with
open or semi-open relationships that may have been established, and visiting
adoptive families to ensure the child is thriving.

AWAA-IA is currently open to pre-adoptive family applicants
from Iowa.  We anticipate opening up the
program to Missouri and Minnesota applicants as needed in the future.  Pre-adoptive families who are open to a
variety of placement circumstances are preferred (race, drug or alcohol use by
birthmother, special medical needs of the child). 

We are beginning our program in Iowa by reaching out to the
50+ crisis pregnancy centers throughout the state.  Our commitment to placing children in
Christian homes and our care and compassion for the birthmothers making
difficult choices is our focus. 

I personally have seven years of domestic adoption
experience that I am thrilled to put to work for AWAA-IA.  Additionally, I have worked and volunteered
as a pro-life advocate in Iowa for the past fifteen years, giving me added
credibility when seeking a partnership with crisis pregnancy centers who work
tirelessly to inform women of Iowa about alternatives to abortion.

Kimberly Laube

Iowa Domestic Program Director

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