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August 4, 2015

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The following statistics come from UNICEF for year 2011:

  • Around the world, an estimate 153 million orphans in the world have lost 1 parent
  • An estimated 17.9 million orphans in the world have lost both parents

    These 17.9 million children are at high risk of disease, malnutrition and death

The following statistics come from the U.S. Department of State for year 2014:

Adoptions to the U.S. (2014)

  • China - 2,040
  • Ethiopia - 716
  • Haiti - 464
  • India - 136


Top 10 adoptions to the U.S. by State (2014)

  • Texas - 440
  • California - 402
  • Florida - 298
  • New York - 293
  • Illinois - 269
  • North Carolina - 255
  • Ohio - 249
  • Virginia & Tennessee - 237
  • Georgia - 226

Ask any adoptive parent and they will tell you that adoption is hard--the process, the wait, the transition, and more.

There are lots of reasons the adoption process is so tedious, so long, and so costly. Protecting the orphan and making decisions that are best for them are the primary concern. Add the paperwork required and the time to process it, then the costs associated with the paperwork, travel and related costs...so why do it?

Ask any adoptive parent and they will tell you. It was all worth it.

Right now there are children waiting who can be matched quickly with families.  If God is calling you to consider adoption, visit our Waiting Children pages to view some of the children who wait. Applications and pre-applications can be submitted from our website to begin the process.

Questions? Contact us at WaitingChildren@awaa.org or call 800-429-3369.


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