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Disney & Adoption


Did you know that Walt Disney adopted his youngest daughter, Sharon? Disney and his wife chose to adopt due to pregnancy complications, and adopted Sharon when she was just two weeks old. Sharon, who passed away in 1993, was a philanthropist who donated millions of dollars to educational and arts organizations. Her contributions have impacted many people over the years and continue to inspire in the foundations in which she took part. The eldest Disney daughter, Diane, passed away on Tuesday and our thoughts are with her family. 

It is neat to see how adoption was part of the plan for Walt Disney, who created entertainment beloved by families around the world. If adoption is part of your family's plan, how might it impact those around you? Perhaps you will inspire another family to adopt or get involved in orphancare. Maybe your children will help their friends and classmates to understand different cultures and mixed race families. Let the love that it took to build your family radiate to those around you!

Adoption is a blessing, and it is all around us.


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