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Decorating the Ethiopia Transitional Home

A small volunteer group will be traveling this Friday to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia with the mission of decorating our Ethiopia Transitional Home.  Our desire is for our Transitional Home to feel more like a home and be as welcoming as it can be to the children and babies who will live there temporarily. 

We are working on creating new baby beds and bunk beds and on adding more lighting.  We are also having the floors redone and painting murals in the school room, boys room, girls room and baby room.  We also hope to paint murals in the court yard. 

We would like to raise funds to help with this project through our Orphan's Ticket Home campaign.  We cannot purchase the supplies without your help.  Any amount will benefit this endeavor. You can donate here.  Just be sure to put in the Notes section: Ethiopia Transitional Home Decorating.

We will be sure to share the photos with you of the updates!

Thank you!


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