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December Monthly Prayer Focus

Dalton is a polite 4 ½ year old boy who is fond of listening to music and listening to his caretaker tell stories.   He has hydrocephalus and a developmental delay. His referral information reports â€He likes to play outside with teachers. He likes to walk beside his teacher with hands in hands and enjoy new things outside.† He is described as active and enjoys playing with cars and balls.

Due to the length of time we have had this agency specific referral, we will be returning a referral on January 4th if there is not a family for him by that time. It is our hope that if the referral is returned, the CCAA will be able to place him on the shared system or on another agency’s list for adoption. If you are interested in considering this adoption please contact before January 4th in order to learn more about the referral review opportunity. Families can review the medical and growth reports and photos with a medical professional before making an adoption decision. To see a brief biography and photo of Dalton please email for the password to our waiting child website.

Thank you for joining us in prayer for Dalton and his forever family!


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