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Dear Liam: A Letter to My Soon-to-be Son

Mission trips change lives.  If you question that statement, you will want to read Sarah's letter to her soon-to-be son from China.  Jeff & Sarah are adopting him soon but unlike most adoptions that occur, Sarah has already met her son.  Sarah went on an ACT Mission Trip where she met “Liam” and was able to bond with him.  So much so that the Lord has brought them together as a family.  Mission trips DO change lives.  To join an ACT Storyteller Mission Trip team in 2014-15, check out the ACT page.


Dear liam

Dear Liam,

Someday you will be able to read this in English. I'm going to buy a journal to record all the thoughts I have about you both now and as you grow like I have for your sisters but I thought I would write you some things on my heart here.

I think about the first day I met you almost every day. Its okay that you cried, your sisters cried when they met me too.  I was probably a pretty scary looking white lady and I don't know if you were expecting us to come in all at once. You were so brave as I tried to talk to you in a language you didn't know. I thought you were 4 or 5 years old but then as I watched you color that little squirrel, I could tell you had great fine motor skills and then someone told me you were 6.  Then I asked the scariest question: were you on our list of kids coming to our agency? I was so stunned to find out that you were.  I felt a glimmer of hope rise up in my heart.

I found out that your heart had some issues. You looked so strong and healthy that it was hard to believe.  I couldn't wait to tell your dad about you.  I remember that he never even hesitated. He wanted you even though he wasn't there to meet you. Your Mimi said that your picture melted her heart.

Someday, I'm going to tell you about how scared I was to go to China.  I hate flying and I wanted to change my mind a million times but you were worth every moment of that trip.  I had heard the phrase, “love crosses oceans,” a million times but it is true.  I can't wait to get on a plane again to come get you.

I don't know why you seemed to want to sit on my lap the whole time I was there. I don't know how you could trust me enough after a few days to kiss my cheek.  But I'm thankful for every moment and we can't move this process fast enough to get back to you.  Someday you will understand that so many people have helped give you a family. I will tell you the story of how friends, family and even strangers have donated to get you home. God's faithfulness is so overwhelming in your story.

I know you didn't understand the last words I said to you before we left. I prayed over you that you would dwell in the house of the Lord and I whispered in your ear that I would come back for you. I meant it.



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