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Trusting God

Dear Families:

I hope this letter finds you well. Yesterday I received a letter from one of our families, telling me about what a private attorney said about me and America World, and I honestly felt sad and angry, because I do not know this person at all but he took the time to say things about other people. So I pray to our Lord for wisdom.
Let me tell you this story:  Two years ago, my car was stolen, and I felt anger against the people who did that, so I called a Christian friend, and his response to me was: “Pray for them, because their soul is more important than a car.”
So I am praying for this attorney, and I also pray the best for him…
Just to clarify, it is true we have made some mistakes, but it is also true that I am always pronto to try and fix anything and thus to move all the dossiers forward.
I am asking you, to put all your trust in our Lord, if you consider the adoption of a child is a miracle then ask to him for this miracle, and I am sure he will open all the doors, will guide you, and  will give you peace in your hearts, and he also will open your eyes. I do not consider myself the best attorney in El Salvador, or anything like that, I know my weakness and that is why I always ask for his help in my job.
I have read all your motivations to adopt, and most of you expressed that our God put in your hearts to adopt in El Salvador, so if I am doing wrong, he will take it out of the way, so do not worry. I’m in the middle of something great, in one side our goal in our agency is to destroy the orphanages and protection centers and release all the orphan children from those prisons, in the other side beautiful families want to give the opportunity of a new life to an orphan. So I am sure it is not easy for you at all, but be still and trust in the one who placed on your hearts this mission of adoption.

God Bless you all.



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