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Day of Hope: Stories of Hope

Day of Hope 2016
As our staff, Board members and friends connect with our families today for Day of Hope 2016, we are hearing amazing stories of hope from adoptive families!

One of our Ethiopia families shared that recently went back to the America World Transition home.  Their son was abel to reconnect with his nanny and their family was able to assist around the orphanage with painting and other projects while spending time with the children there.  They remarked about the positive experience through their adoption and stated that even initially, attachment was not an issue for them.  Their son is now in the 4th grade and thriving.  The family's older daughter is in college and will be leading a mission team to Ethiopia.  The family ended with, they “cannot imagine life without their son.

We would like to invite you to join us on Day of Hope 2016 as we work together to provide hope to orphans through America World's orphan initiatives!


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