Day of Hope 2015: December 21st Update

As of this morning, we are only $48,678 from meeting our Day of Hope 2015 goal of $200,000!

Chart 12.21.15

Funds Raised – December 21, 2015


Pie 12.21.15Breakdown of Current Contributions

So why are we raising these funds? Great question! Here are four primary initiatives where your contribution will make a direct impact.

  1. America World supports 120 children who are living with their birth parents in Ethiopia. We support them because we believe that family preservation is the best choice for a child and their family. 
  2. America World adoption currently works with 12 orphanages in China; 2 orphanages in the Guangdong Province, 2 orphanages in the Gansu Province, 3 orphanages in the Guizhou Province and 5 orphanages in the Shaanxi Province. America World commits annually to provide financial support to supplement the financial needs of these orphanages to provide for the basic needs of the children in their care. Many of the children living in these orphanages have medical needs as well which increases the amount of financial support they need. While America World’s mission is to place children in Christian homes according to God’s design of adoption, we also feel called to care for the children that may or may not be adoptable.
  3. America World provides life-saving care for the children in our Ethiopia transition home and meets the basic needs of the many children living in our partner orphanages in Ethiopia. This support goes to children who are adoptable and those who are not, and may never be. 
  4. Finally, America World provides critical care and support for children and families experiencing difficulty after coming home. Through the adoption process, social workers help prepare our families for what may lie ahead in their adoption journey after they have returned home with their child. For some families, additional assistance is needed to make that transition go more smoothly.

Our goal of $200,000 needs to be met on December 31, 2015–just 10 days away! If you would like to contribute to these life-changing initiatives we would love your help. Please share this goal with your friends, church and employers and allow them to be part of making a direct impact on the lives of orphans worldwide! Donate today by clicking the button below and designating your funds to “Day of Hope 2015”.

We are grateful for your support of America World's ministry!

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