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India's Cradle Project

India’s Cradle Project

By Lisa Adams-Reese, India Program Director

Cradle projects have been started all over India to save the lives of abandoned babies. There are various heartbreaking reasons an infant is abandoned, from extreme poverty to cultural pressures.

Specially designed cradles are placed in hospitals, medical colleges, adoption centers, and satellite hospital locations, permitting parents to safely place unplanned infants in a cradle and know their baby will receive protection and care. The cradles are equipped with an alarm system that alerts staff to the presence of a baby three minutes after he or she is first detected, allowing parents to leave before workers find the child. The baby is given appropriate medical care and then placed in an orphanage that can provide the care infants need.

The child is then reviewed by the Child Welfare Committee, which makes the decision whether the child meets the criteria to be legally free for adoption. Once legally free, the child can be referred to a family waiting to adopt.

Is God calling you to adopt from India? Your child could be waiting for you now! For more information, visit our India Adoption Program and Learn About Adoption pages.

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