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Correction: Adoption Tax Credit Phone Forum

Yesterday's post from the National Council for Adoption regarding a conference call on the IRS tax credit contained incorrect information and has been removed. The conference call is not available to adoptive families; however an America World staff member will participate and pass on information to families. We are sorry for this inconvenience. The NCFA's Adoption Tax Credit Advocacy Kit, link below, is still available as a resource for this important issue.

ACT NOW :: Download NCFA's Adoption Tax Credit Advocacy Kit

This new advocacy kit from NCFA will help you educate policymakers, members of the media, and others on the importance of extending the adoption tax credit to promote permanency for children. The advocacy kit contains a backgrounder on the adoption tax credit, a letter that can be used as a template to email or write to members of Congress, a talking points guide for phone calls with legislators’ offices, a sample newspaper opinion editorial or letter to the editor, and further ways to join NCFA in our advocacy for the adoption tax credit and other important policies. All resources in NCFA’s new Adoption Tax Credit Advocacy Kit can be downloaded from our website,

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