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“Corey” Brings ‘Sunshine & Brightness’ & Needs a Forever Family

Corey” is a charming young boy with a delightful personality!  He is described as an optimistic child who will make you feel his ‘sunshine and brightness’ when he talks to you! 

He has made leaps and bounds in his development by working with a therapist and undergoing both acupuncture and massage therapy for his diagnosis of cerebral palsy.  At the age of 3-years-old, when “Corey” first arrived at his orphanage all of his limbs were stiff.  He could not bend, could not stand up, and he had a very limited range of motion.  At age 7, he has made tremendous progress and has continued to accomplish many milestones over the years including being able to stretch and bend freely, draw, make a fist, feed and help care for himself, stand while holding onto or against an object, sit independently, get in and out of his wheelchair by himself, and is beginning to learn to walk.

One of our One Orphan mission teams who met him in July 2016 describes him as hardworking and noted that he learns fast.  While his language development has also been delayed and he has trouble with pronunciation, he works hard at trying to get better and does attempt to imitate speech sounds in addition to continuing to add to his vocabulary of simple words.  He is able to follow both simple and multi-step directions, enjoys playing with balls, trucks & cars, and can easily identify objects.  He shows interest and curiosity in many things and will smile spontaneously. 

Corey’s” file is extremely detailed with a lot of wonderful developmental information and benchmarks, and we are also able to connect interested families with individuals who have visited his orphanage and were able to meet him during their visit in July 2016! 

As “Corey’s” file is designated as Special Focus, an eligible family at any stage of the adoption process can inquire to learn more.   If you are interested in learning more about delightful young “Corey“, please reach out to our China team at  You are also welcome to complete a FREE PRE-APPLICATION and indicate on the application your interest in learning more about “Corey”.

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