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Could Corbin be your son?

Corbin is a quiet 6-year-old little fellow with a strong moral compass and desire to do the right thing. Though he is shy with strangers and adults, he interacts sweetly with his peers and is eager to please. When he rides in the toy car, he is expressive and confident, showing great control and stability. His caretakers note that he is kind, polite, and humble, always saying “thank you” when given something and sharing well with others.  They describe him as an adorable little boy and love him very much.  Corbin has been diagnosed with hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy, bilateral lateral ventricles enlargement, right side maxillary sinusitis, and possible dwarfism, though his file indicates normal developmental progress and average cognitive abilities.  He has made great progress in school and gets along well with others.  His teachers describe him as a quiet, but very cooperative, hard-working, and diligent student with strong self-management skills.

A Loving Ambassador team recently got to spend some time with Corbin in September 2019 and described him as active and outgoing after taking some time to warm up to them.  They observed that he got along well with others, seemed very happy, and had the cutest little laugh!  He has a good memory, excellent balance, and is very adaptable to new situations.  The doctor who examined Corbin noted that he’s amazing child who was active and playful.  Though small for his age, he had no observed medical concerns.  This darling little boy would be such a delight to any family!


Please take a few minutes to consider how God would have you be a part of helping this precious child, whether that is through prayingadvocating, or inquiring to learn more.

You can learn more about the process of adopting from China on our China overview page as well as learn about eligibility requirements for a China adoption.

If you are interested in learning more about Corbin or adopting a child from China, please email our China team at or you can reach us by phone at  800-429-3369 for more information.

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