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Adoption Story on ESPN


I wanted to share this very inspiring adoption video produced by ESPN.  Coach Richt of the GA Bulldogs adopted two children from Ukraine, one who is special needs, and they share their story here.

I really like the line from the Narrator that says, “But the Richt family still wanted to do MORE.”  How many of you still feel like you want to do more for the orphans?  I can hear you heart as I share it as well…”Lord, what MORE can we do?  We want to do MORE!” 

As a recent newlywed I feel this burden even more as my husband and I will need to married for atleast two years to adopt from Africa, where our hearts are.  I carry this burden now to have these children home in my own arms.  But what can I do in the meantime?  Since I am not eligible for adoption yet, what MORE can I do? One way we are helping the orphan is financially and you can too!  Our Orphan's Ticket Home campaign is a great way to help bring orphans home everyday.  You can find out more about it at

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Amanda Clark Lawrence

Please enjoy this wonderful video:


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