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Christmas at America World

We have a few Christmas traditions here at America World that we'd like to share with you.

Photo 4

We always have a White Elephant gift exchange, and it's interesting to see the variety of gifts picked out. We took our lunch break together in the conference room and here are some pictures of the fun.

Photo 1

“Rob, what does it smell like?” “Joy.”
Photo 2

Kelcey with a Christmas cactus
Photo 3

Washington DC mug for Jackie – perfect for drinking AW's 8:15 blend!

Our workspaces here at the office have a variety of shapes and sizes. But for one day only, each desk, cubicle, or office had a part in our innaugural “Cubicle Decorating Contest.” Decorations could be classy, cute, or tacky! Our imaginative staff came up with the following. 


Sara & Abby's winning office went for “tacky” (the hat sings and dances)

Kelsey's festive workspace can also be enjoyed from the parking lot

Johnna created a winter wonderland that includes a tribute to Russian adoption with nesting dolls

As you can see, we enjoy Christmas and have fun with our office activities. It's wonderful to see the decorations and have Christmas music playing in the hallway while we work on paperwork and answer emails! Thank you for letting us share our traditions - what are your family's Christmas traditions?

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