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Christ in an Orphan-Making Culture

This past Sunday, I had the opportunity to hear Dr. Russell Moore speak at Covenant Life Church on the importance of adoption in the life of believers.

Simply put, this message was outstanding.  It was both encouraging and challenging.  Dr. Moore drives the point home that because we have assurance of our own salvation – knowing that we are truly sons and daughters of the living God through adoption – the outflow of the church must be to help, serve, support and care for orphans in a variation of ways.

It's because of this mission that America World has created and continues to encourage support for our Orphan's Ticket Home campaign and its initiatives.  Not everyone is called to adopt; however, God does call every person to proactively care for orphans.

I strongly encourage you to listen to Dr. Moore's message, titled: Christ in an Orphan-Making Culture and share it with others.  (You can download the audio or stream it online.)  It will be a half hour very well spent.

— Jason West, Director of Development

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