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Help us advocate today, Chip needs a forever family.

Meet Chip! He is a handsome little guy who just celebrated his 10th birthday on December 10th, and you may remember seeing his story here.

A Loving Ambassadors team spent time with Chip in China November 2019 and noted that he is a determined and strong-willed boy. When he set his mind to do something, he didn’t give up easily. The team was able to capture pictures and video of Chip participating in songs and sporting events. When performing for the team, he seemed to really enjoy it and was full of confidence.

His nannies shared that they love him as if he was their own son and that it will break their hearts if he doesn’t have a family soon.  They noted that Chip knows how to operate the washing machine and he likes to help with the laundry in the orphanage. The nannies can’t believe “their baby” has grown up so fast and can do all these things now.  They want to see him in a family soon as possible where he will be loved and supported.

Please help us find a forever home for this sweet boy who is so dearly loved by his nannies and pray that he can celebrate his 11th birthday with his family this year getting the love and support he so deserves!

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