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China Waiting Children Referrals

Congratulations to the 29 families who accepted referrals through the China Waiting Children (WC) Program during the month of January! Most of these acceptances occurred over the past two weeks as 23 of the accepted referrals were from the shared group released on 1/18 and the other 6 acceptances were for America World referrals from our previous groups. The referrals accepted were both boys and girls, ages 8 months- 13 years and were children who had special needs such as the following: cleft lip/palate (repaired and unrepaired), multiple special needs,  vision impairments, ear deformity, heart defect, and missing limbs.

We give praise to God for the 29 children who will soon be united with their forever families. We also continue our prayers for those families still waiting for their referrals. There are many shared and America World referrals still waiting for families! The WC program is in need of families open to boys and referrals over the age of 2 years. Families interested in learning more about joining the WC program can email their Family Coordinator or the Waiting Children Program at


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