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China Waiting Children Referral Updates

The China Waiting Children Program sent an email on Friday February 13th to all families participating in the Waiting Children (WC) program regarding the referrals listed below. Families in the WC program who did not receive this email should contact their Family Coordinator. All China program families are welcome to contact their Family Coordinator if they are interested in reviewing one of these America World waiting children referrals. Brief biographies and photos of these children can also be viewed on the password protected website. Prospective America World families can email to find out more information about the program and these referral opportunities.

Summer Camp Referrals: There are two referrals of children who attended America World’s Hope Journey Summer Camp in 2007. America World staff interacted with these children and discussed adoption with them. In addition to the CCAA referral, America World will provide the summer camp assessment and photos to any family who reviews these referrals.

• Jacqueline is a smart and motivated 12 ½ year old healthy girl. She confirmed she wants to be adopted by a family and she has dreams of going to Harvard. She enjoys painting, writing and music.
• Gareth is a friendly is 11 ½ year old boy who enjoys singing. He is respectful of teachers and is good at sharing and helping others. He is hepatitis B positive and has repaired hypospadius. Gareth is active and enjoys playing games.

New Referrals: These are the referrals most recently referred to America World who are available for review.

• Dalton is described as an active and polite 4 year old boy. He enjoys playing outside and listening to music. He has hydrocephalus and a developmental delay. He likes to sit next to his teachers or his friends and  talk to them.
• Miranda is a quiet 10 ½ year old girl. She is fond of singing. She has congenital nystagmus of both eyes. She gets along  well with others and enjoys playing games.
• Anneka is an active 2 ½ year old girl who enjoys listening to music. She has congenital corneal leukoma of both eyes and possible blindness. She is described as having a ready smile and likes to laugh.
• Natalie is a polite and helpful 10 ½ year old girl. She has a developmental delay and a cyst on her brain. She enjoys helping to take care of the younger children in the orphanage and helping the adults with cleaning. Natalie has stated she would like to be adopted.

Returning Referrals: These are the referrals who will return to the CCAA on 2/27/09 if there are no families interested in their adoptions.

• Brady is an active and energetic 9 year-old boy who has been diagnosed with complete deafness in both ears.  His caretakers describe him as polite and sensitive.  Brady loves to watch cartoons and will laugh loudly if he sees something funny.  He is very independent and cleans up after himself.  Brady will only play with “boy†toys and to loves to try to build and fix things. 
• Evan is a talented 11 year-old boy who has a deformity of both feet.  He is described as fun-loving, docile, and clever.  Evan is artistically talented, has good language ability, and likes doing “handiwork†like knitting and cross-stitching.  His caretakers’ state that he is a little introverted around strangers because his deformity makes him embarrassed, but he opens up when he gets to know people.
• Connor is a healthy 12-year old boy. He is athletic, and enjoys sports, especially soccer. He enjoys watching cartoons and helps his foster mom with cooking. He has confirmed he would love to be adopted.
• Henry is a shy and sweet 4 ½ year-old boy who has been diagnosed with severe hearing loss in both ears.  Henry is receiving training in sign language and he is able to communicate simple statements.  His foster family states that he is independent and likes to dress himself.  Henry is a shy boy and tends to be introverted around strangers, but becomes very talkative once he feels comfortable. 

Other AWAA Referrals: These are all other America World assigned referrals who are available for review.

• Carter is an extroverted 9 year old boy who is a Hepatitis B carrier. Carter is an above-average student who listens well to his teachers and obeys the rules. He is always ready to help others.  Carter is well-mannered and polite, and is popular among his peers at school and among those in the institute.
• Carson is almost 11 years old and has a deformity of both feet that has been operated on.   His caretakers describe him as happy and outgoing.  He is a good helper and gets along well with others. Carson enjoys playing sports.
• Timothy is a clever and polite boy who is deaf and has repaired cleft palate. He is described as being well liked by everyone and good at learning sign language very quickly. Timothy enjoys playing with the toy cars, learning and playing outside.
• Hosea is a charming boy who has repaired spina bifida (meningomyelocele). He often offers to help with chores and can help take care of himself. He enjoys playing with and kicking balls outside. Hosea is described as polite, sweet and generous.
• Joel is a 9 year old boy who has heart disease.  He is described as funny and clever.  Joel has good character and morals, and is loved by teachers and classmates. He likes singing, sports, and playing outside.   He has confirmed her would like to be adopted and have a family.
• Hannah is a happy 10 year old girl who has been diagnosed with post-operative hydronephrosis and also has a lazy left eye. She is described as obedient, shy, sensible, and polite. 
• Amelia is a charming 8 year old girl who has been diagnosed with scoliosis and repaired spina bifida. She is a very clever child and a good student.  Amelia knows  English and Korean.
• Ryan is a talkative boy with post operative spinal cord eversion. Ryan uses a wheelchair to get around on his own. He can dress and take care of himself and is described as active. He likes to communicate with others and read stories to the younger children. He is also helpful to the caretakers and is described as sensible and polite. 
• Clark is a 3 ½ year old boy who is diagnosed as having cerebral palsy and also a possible brain condition. Clark is described as introverted and he enjoys playing with toys and his favorite activity is being cuddled by his caretaker.
• Gabriella is a 5 ½ year-old girl who has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy. Her caretakers describe her as outgoing. She loves to listen to music and dance. Gabriella’s favorite activities are playing with balls and playing games with friends.

If your family is not specifically interested in reviewing one of these shared referrals, we ask that you join us in praying for the children and the family God has for them.  We thank you for your assistance in advocating for and praying for these children.


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