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China Waiting Children Program Updates

February Referrals

Congratulations to the 5 families who accepted shared or America World referrals in the month of February! In follow up to our previous announcement, we returned the referrals for Connor, Brady, Henry and Evan to the CCAA. We trust in God’s plan for their lives and it is our hope that the CCAA will plan their referrals with another agency or on the shared list.

We have been working diligently over the past several weeks to help many families accept referrals from this latest group of referrals which arrived at the end of February. As a reminder to families participating in the Waiting Children Program, we continue to look for referral matches for families throughout the month therefore referral calls can occur at any time.

March Monthly Prayer Focus

Our monthly prayer focus this month is Alyssa, a 13 year old girl who enjoys singing, dancing and some sports games. She is a shared referral and about to turn 14 years old next month. The CCAA has asked our assistance in finding a family to come forward for her adoption in the next few weeks. Adoption law in China does not allow a child to adopted after their 14th birthday. Her paperwork just became ready for adoption this week. We request your assistance in praying for her and for her potential adoption. Alyssa is described as a kind hearted and lovely girl and is well liked by teachers and friends. She has a received surgery on her left elbow and has a small skin tag. Families with dossiers in China who are interested in reviewing her referral can contact their Family Coordinator or email


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