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China Waiting Children Program Updates

March Referrals
Congratulations to the 36 families who accepted shared and America World referrals during the month of March! We are excited for those families as they prepare to bring their children home. The referrals who were accepted ranged in ages and are boys and girls with a variety of different special needs.

New Applications Implemented
Many families currently participating in the program still need to complete the new application. The application is available online or by emailing your Family Coordinator or Families are encouraged to submit their new application as soon as possible.  Any China program family is welcome to submit an application in order to have the opportunity to review waiting children referrals.

Monthly Prayer Focus
We are sad to announce that we need to return 4 of our America World assigned referrals to the CCAA at the end of this month. Pending interest in their adoption, then Clark, Hosea, Ryan and Hannah’s referrals will be returned to the CCAA. If there are any prospective or current China program families interested in learning more about these children you can email or contact your Family Coordinator. Photos and brief biographies can be viewed on our password protected website. The individual referral information is available for any family interested in reviewing the information with a medical professional.

ﶠRyan is a talkative boy with post operative spinal cord eversion.  Ryan uses a wheelchair to get around on his own. He can dress and take care of himself and is described as active. He likes to communicate with others and read stories to the younger children. He is also helpful to the caretakers and is described as sensible and polite.

ﶠHosea is a charming boy who has repaired spina bifida. He often offers to help with chores and can help take care of himself. He enjoys playing with and kicking balls outside. Hosea is described as polite, sweet and generous.

ﶠClark is a 3 ½ year old boy who is diagnosed as having cerebral palsy and also a possible brain condition. Clark is described as introverted and restless. He enjoys playing with toys and his favorite activity is being cuddled by his caretaker.

ﶠHannah is a happy 10 year old girl who has been diagnosed with post-operative hydronephrosis and also has a lazy left eye.  She is described as obedient, shy, sensible, and polite.  Hannah likes to make her bed, tidy up after herself and the other kids in the orphanage.  She studies hard and likes to help the younger children and share her food and toys with them.  Her caretakers state that she, “is always very happy every day.† Hannah loves her dolls and new clothes.

Please pray for these children and help us advocate for them this month!


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