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China Waiting Children Program Updates

Congratulations to the 11 families who accepted shared referrals in the month of April! The children that were accepted, were boys and girls ages 10 months- 13 ½ years with a variety of special needs, including cleft lip/palate, limb differences, heart conditions, and healthy older children. Currently, there are 19 families in China who accepted referrals through the WC program and who are meeting their children and bringing them home. We continue to send 1-2 travel groups to China each month and are blessed to see these children finally united with their forever families.

There continues to be a large amount of referrals of all ages and special needs, available for adoption from the shared referral system. Families can be matched immediately with a referral, depending upon their referral requests. While there are many referrals, currently we are advocating for “Tyler†a boy who is about to turn 14 years old and who needs a family, specifically within the next few weeks before his 14th birthday. According to Chinese law, an adoption must be completed before the child turns 14. “Tyler†helps to care for the younger children in the orphanage, wins honors and awards at school, and loves astronomy.   He has expressed his desire to be adopted. Families with dossiers in China can email to find out more about “Tyler†and his adoption. Please joining us in praying for “Tyler†and his potential family.


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