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China Waiting Children Program Referrals!

Congratulations to the 22 families who accepted a referral from the latest shared list that was released on February 8th. We are so excited for these families! The referrals that were accepted were for boys and girls, ages 10 months- 5 years old with a variety of special needs. Some of the special needs include cleft lip/palate, heart conditions, club feet, multiple special needs and other diseases. There continue to be many shared referrals available for review. There are also quite a few AWAA referrals available for review through this Thursday February 18th.

Families who are interested in joining the WC program should contact their Family Coordinator for more details. We continue to match families who are open to boys almost immediately upon joining the program. In general the wait time for a referral will vary based on the family’s age, gender and special needs requests.


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