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China Waiting Children Program November Updates

Referral Updates

We are excited to announce that over the past month 30 families have accepted their referrals. We praise God that these families will soon be bringing their children home. America World was honored to receive a large group of individually assigned referrals in October, as well as working with the monthly shared group that arrived. China Program staff have been busy working with families reviewing and accepting referrals. Many families are still reviewing referrals so our prayers are with them as they consult with doctors and consider the adoption of the child whose referral they are reviewing.

All families participating in the Waiting Children (WC) program and are not currently reviewing or accepting a referral have received a shared referral announcement earlier today. Families are encouraged to carefully review the FAQ document that was included in this email announcement so they can understand the referral review process. Another referral announcement containing new agency specific referrals that are available for adoption will be sent in the next 1-2 weeks, as soon as possible.

Monthly Prayer Request

We ask for prayers for an agency specific referral “Will†who is an outgoing 13 year old boy who has a repaired cleft lip and repaired palate.  He is described by his caretakers as well behaved, sensitive, and a good boy.  Will’s favorite subject in school is Social Studies and he like to play with cars. Due to China adoption law, children cannot be adopted when they reach the age of 14 and as Will turns 14 next August, if America World does not find a family for him by December 11th we will be returning his file to the CCAA in hopes that they can find a family for him with a different agency. Please help us advocate for Will and his adoption by praying for him. Please have any families interested in his adoption contact us at We are hopeful his forever family will come forward within this next month!

Conference Call

The WC program is hosting a conference call with Love Without Boundaries on November 18th. Please see the separate blog post which outlines details regarding this opportunity. The call is open to any AWAA family regardless of the country they are adopting from or stage of adoption. We hope you will join us!

Recruiting New Families

We are privileged to continue to place waiting children into homes each month and encourage any China program family to consider submitting a WC application if they feel led to consider this option for their family. We have many resources available for those considering the program so please contact your Family Coordinator for more details.

Any family is welcome to email if they have questions regarding AWAA’s China Waiting Children Program.


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