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China Waiting Children Program: November Updates

Congratulations to the 13 families who accepted referrals through the China Waiting Children (WC) program in the month of November! Many families with dossiers in China who apply to the waiting children program are matched very quickly with a referral, though the exact wait time depends upon a family’s referral requests. A family who has a dossier registered with the CCAA will keep their log in date for the traditional program until they officially accept a referral through the waiting children program. If a family does not get matched with a referral through the WC program, their dossier will continue to stay in line in the traditional program and they will receive their referral in that manner. There are hundreds of boys and girls, infant to age 13, available for adoption. Families should contact their Family Coordinator to understand the details of the WC program and the matching process.


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