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China Waiting Children Program Monthly Prayer Focus

Four Waiting Children Referrals Returning to the CCAA October 12, 2009

Due to the length of time we have had these agency specific referrals, we will be returning 4 referrals on October 12th if there are no families for them by that time. It is our hope that if the referrals are returned the CCAA will be able to place them on the shared system or on another agency’s list for adoption. If you are interested in considering the adoption of one of these referrals, please contact before October 12th in order to learn more about the referral review opportunity.

Gabriella is 5 ½ year old girl who is easy to get along with.  She has cerebral palsy but receives therapy and can walk. Her caretakers describe her as outgoing. She loves to listen to music and dance. Gabriella’s favorite activities are playing with balls and playing games with friends.

Carter is an extroverted 9 year old boy.  He is always ready to help others.  He is a Hepatitis B carrier.  Carter is an above-average student who listens well to his teachers and obeys the rules.  Carter is well-mannered and polite, and is popular among his peers at school and among those in the institute.

Karleigh is an active and clever 13 ½ year old girl. She enjoys singing and does well in school. Karleigh has a hand and foot deformity. She also enjoys playing outside, dancing, and listening to music. Karleigh gets along well with the other children and is described as having a ready smile.

Carson is a happy 10 ½ year old boy.  He is outgoing and loves to play with other children.  He has a deformity of both feet that has been corrected. His caretakers describe him as a good helper and state that he gets along well with others. Carson enjoys playing sports and is actively involved in sports meetings.


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